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IPC2U - Industry PC, Embedded PC, Panel PC
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iROBO industrial PCs are based on components from commercial sphere. They are developed for the highest achievement and quality requirements and 24/7 companies.

Compact industrial PCs are multifunctional, light high-end computers which are conceived especially for the application in spatially restricted environments, e.g. embedded or mobile computing.

Panel PCs are used in commercial and industrial environments as well.
E.g. for process control and monitoring or for infotainment, entertainment and Point of Service.

Ethernet controller and adaptors build bridges between RS-232 / to 422/485 devices and the network. They are available with up to 16 ports, light installation and reliability distinguish these systems.

An important sign of industrial controllers consists in the fact that many functions are software supported and trimmed. Advantages: best price, standard log support and easy coding.

Digital Signage systems should carry your information and advertising messages to the people on public places. Possible application locations are department stores, administration agencies, museum, or railway stations.

Industry PC – excellent quality, attractive pricing and customizing

The IPC2U GmbH is a provider of wide range of industrial PC solutions for different lines of business and environments. Beside standard devices the IPC2U GmbH offers also customized solutions. Furthermore, comprehensive additional services as extended warranty and leasing can be offered.

The product range of the IPC2U GmbH comprises:

Industrial Computers
Embedded PCs and Mini PCs
Panel PCs
DIN Rail PCs
Digital Signage devices
• Servers
• Rugged Computers
• Industrial Displays
• Industrial Switchs
• Data acquisition and test devices
• Components etc.

The IPC2U GmbH offers sound range of Industrial Computers

The IPC2U GmbH has more than 20 years experience in industrial PC hardware sales and customer consulting. Great value is attached to wide product range, attractive pricing, high quality as well as individual profound consulting. Extended warranty and leasing are offered as additional services.
The IPC2U GmbH offers a wide product range from 19“ Industrial PCs and Embedded systems to industrial network devices and controllers. Special product lines are built high-quality servers and rugged mobile applications (Brand RUMOCO).

The IPC2U GmbH handles complex projects

Comprehensive project management competences compined with sound technical know how guarantee sound support and management during whole project period from evaluation of customer needs to after project support.
The quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2008 implements demanding customer requirements up to entire solutions by own development and assembling departments. By established relationship to reknowned manufacturers the IPC2U GmbH zertifizierte has excellent pricing conditions.